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BRCP - St. Andreasberg, January 2017

In order to discuss topics from the Leipzig Symposium in 2016 and in order to include other ideas to the pool of thoughts we develop, another gathering is initiated.

Topics that we discuss this time include:

Wilhelm: I would like to address the topic of arithmetic/logic in computer-based mathematical proving. As far as I can manage it, I prepare an introduction to the topic of axioms in arithmetic (see Peano Axioms) on top of which we build mathematical proofs now days and how far the current state of the art is concerning this field of research. This will hopefully give room for a discussion on how to formulate scientific reasoning in our field. We will probably start out with some theorems from number theory to get the idea (proof of the existence of infinitely many prime numbers) since those proofs will give us an idea of how to formulate our own train of thought in something like a standardized language. This language will have to be some kind of Boolean formula. If anyone is interested I can give a short introduction on how to solve Boolean formulas arithmetically but that’s for the nerds among you. If anyone is interested to work on the rhizome project proposed by Markus, this would be another opportunity to extend the thought. For everybody else, check out arithmetization.
With my discussion I would like to add a new perspective to the rhizome project project.

One of our major topics we intended to discuss in this Symposium was the establishment of a coworking space for our purposes. At first we started out to discuss the advantages. What would be the difference from working alone? Here we state a few headlines that would be important to have if working in a group in certain environment.

Consequent Working Keeping up the paste and staying focused on a project as well as following a timeline keeps the project going. A gathering of people keeps the discipline and the intention to build ones schedule such that the project can succeed.

Workshop equipped with tools Having tools and materials ready to model and craft representations of realisations of ones idea would help in such a place of coworking.

Atelier A possibility of adding more color to the picture we discussed the collaboration with artists. Many coworking spaces are organized by people who want to express artistic ideas. The idea of combining ideas from physics with an art is an established combination. We want to aim for our contacts in art/music in order to extend the network for bringing the project to live.

Nightlife Having finished your work you might want to distract yourself by the seductive fruits of social life. An environment

Public Work Problems emerge if we want to establish a surface inside a concrete wall. This pops up the question: How do we support the existence of a co-working space financially? Our preamble states clearly that we don't want to make profit. Most of us are able to pay the rent by using the money we earn on our jobs. This is why we think of the possibility of donations in order to lower the financial pressure. The organization of a cafe inside the co-working space also is a possibility to lower the cost. It also is a consideration to work out a fully self sustaining co-working space. We brought up the idea to give people to approach us publicly. There is an example of a profit orientated business model offering a consultation of a specialist in a field for people who have problems to develop their ideas caused by a lack of education. We see this fit with our constitution.

We plan to seek orientation at other co working spaces such as:


Proof methods An interesting blog to the Topic

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