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Ad hoc Leipzig Symposium 24-26 Jun 2016

Original symposium organizational document

This is a wiki system (originally on PmWiki but now moved here) to faciliate rapid documentation. Please feel free to contribute, if personal comments are added a name should be given. We invite also people that were not part of the meeting to include their thoughts. General disussion can always be included at the end of pages or on separate pages.


In ancient Greece, the symposium, from sympinein, Greek “to drink together”, was a drinking party.

Yet this is not the main reason why we organise a small, spontaneous meeting in Leipzig (Germany) Fri-Sun 24th-26th June. Our aim is to build a friendly and joyful space to get in touch, offering a largely open schedule for everyone to fully participate, and to create a format that fosters creativity for all kinds of aspiration. As a result we hope to get valuable inputs for future activities of the BRCP and set foundations for an ongoing dialogue. The target audience are primarily members of the BRCP, potential future members, as well as friends and colleagues. If you wish (want) to contribute anything in a conceivable format, please inform us when signing up. There are no thematic restrictions, consequently, all inputs are suitable that could direct activities and form the prospective culture of the BRCP.


Starting Friday 24th June in the early evening at Mariannenstraße 89, Leipzig. (Watch this documentary - German - if you want to know how bad the neighbourhood of the official address of the BRCP is!)

  • 19:30 (Leo, Willi, Florian, André, David, Markus) starting with a presentational round that already starts off a nice discussion
  • dinner and free jazz at the NUR (in the ground floor, Michaw joins us)
  • 22:00 fixing the schedule for the next day

Schedule for Saturday:

  • breakfast and presentation by André about personal experiences in the science world
  • go to the Theklaer lake and talk about iversity there
  • at Mariannenstraße talk about the rhizome project (Tobias joins us)
  • spending the evening at a supernice garden party just one block down the road, with beers, green cohomology, and dancing

Schedule for Sunday:

  • 11:00 Summary, talk about next meeting, next actions, good bye



Total to EUR 39,-

  • 13,- for breakfast stuff plus 10,- as a donation from the empty bottles while cleaning up
  • 18,- for beers and snacks at the lake
  • 8,- for carsharing to get to the lake

Thanks to Leo and Sebastian for providing the main location in Mariannenstraße.

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