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André's personal experiences

Morning session

PDF of the presentation

Once the people started to wake up and prepared their first coffe, the discussion started rather fast. After a short supplement to the last evening about the current insufficiencies of physical or general teaching in sciences: less curriculum, more guidance to find your individual way of approaching the subject, what anyway happens but indirect. Possible ansatz: rhizome project

Andre then started his presentation about his person and the thing that happened to bring him to his current situation and plans for the rest of his postdoctoral phase in San Sebastian, which is to create a kind of integrated live and work place “El Laboratorio”. His presentation was accompanied by discussions about the problems of the scientific community (“it sucks” ;)) that is very bubblelike and hence lacks of interaction with external mindsets. This is also because of the current institutional situation that constrains the researcher very much. Another often observed phenomenon of scientists is their unbalance between theoretical efforts/thinking and practical occupation.

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